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About One-word

Welcome to the One-Word mailing list. This list is dedicated to the great jazz guitarist John McLaughlin. It is administered by Dave Marshall. The original lists were created by Andrus Kangro in honour of Andres Didrik, who was the first person to develop a John McLaughlin tribute Website. It was called Pages of Fire. While it no longer exists, several other fine sites have been created. Fans from these sites all over the world have joined the One-Word lists, (named after a composition of John's which appears on Birds of Fire), for discussion and news which relates to John McLaughlin.

We do have some rules!

  1. There is no censorship on our lists. However, we do expect our list members to be courteous to each other and postings should be respectful. The list postings are published on a public web archive. You should not publish copyright material, or anything libelous, or obscene, or otherwise in breach of the Laws of England and Wales.
  2. Please do not send binary attachments, graphics or web pages to the One-Word list! This is a text list only.
  3. Owing to the volume of messages on these lists, we must ask you to limit your posts to John McLaughlin topics only. If you absolutely must post something which is not quite on the subject, please begin your titles with "(Non-JM)" so other members may decide whether they wish to read your post or not.

Registration: How you may receive postings

The list is run as a forum in google groups. To join the list, go to!forum/one-word. You will need a Google account to proceed.


If you have any questions regarding the list, please contact Dave Marshall (

The One-Word lists are administered by Dave Marshall

This welcome message was written by Walter Kolosky (with technical updates and procedural amendments by Robert Evans).

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