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Learning HTML

There are several good text books on HTML -- see books listing

Recommended Books List

There are several ONLINE resources that are worth checking out.

HTML Writer's Guild Use URLs
HTML Writer's Guild Use URLs
Suzanne Cook's Quick Tutorial on Creating Web Pages
(A brief, easy beginner's guide.)

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Site of the organization which determines the standards of HTML. Some of the information gets technical but it is an invaluable resource in the long run.
Beginner's Guide to HTML
Up to date guide on HTML. Can Download site in various formats.
A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home pages
Very basic introduction and tutorial. A very detailed and step by step site. Also includes section on publishing a document to the Web.
HTML for Beginners - Ultimate Guide
More of a tip's and tricks site, offers a good explanation of graphics and HTML
HTML for the Conceptually Challenged
HTML tutorial that uses "laymen's" terms to describe HTML tags and concepts
Very Good HTML Reference Guide
Pretty Complete Reference with guides on everything from style sheets to HTML editors
WDVL: Hypertext Markup Language
One of best out there. Covers all HTML including the newest additions such as dynamic HTML. Also has a large links section.
Standard 3.2 (Wilbur)
HTML 3.2 reference, by Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet and company. Very nice, quite complete, and very readable 3.2 reference. Also available as a single 260k downloadable file.

Quick Reference for Standard 3.2 (Wilbur)
Kevin Werbach's Barebones Guide to HTML with 3.2 tags
(Also available as a downloadable text file)

The Official W3C page on Standard 3.2 (Wilbur)

The Web Developer's Virtual Library at
(includes browser, server, and CGI references, too)

The Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design (Jacob Nielsen's Alert Box, May 1996)

The O'Reilly dictionary: very helpful and quite complete dictionary of Internet/Web terms.

And one that's specific to the Web:
World Wide Web Acronym and Abbreviation List:

HTML Goodies from Joe Burns. The HUH? Tutorials.
Forms, CGI, and a whole lot more

The Best Way to Learn HTML

The best way to learn HTML is by example.

You can read many books but practice, writing your own HTML pages and learning from example WWW pages on line is the best way to learn tips and constructs.

You can use Netscape to help in this matter:

Entire Web pages may also be saved to disk by

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