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These lecture notes are here for archival reasons. I no longer teach Perl.

As such some of the latest Perl innovations are not present. The notes refer to Perl 5.001

Nonetheless, I still believe that this is a valuable resource.

Latest Perl Version and Further Up-to-date Information

The latest stable release of Perl is 5.20 – for example, it doesn't have CGI built-in anymore.

Detail on more modern Perl maybe found at:

Using Perl with Web Servers

Web servers frequently need some type of maintenance in order to operate at peak efficiency. This chapter will look at some maintenance tasks that can be performed by Perl programs. You will see some ways that your server keeps track of who visits and what Web pages are accessed on your site. You will also see some ways to automatically generate a site index, a what's new document, and user feedback about a Web page.