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Let's say you want to have your readers indicate which country they live in.

Well, you could try using a SELECT list. This will create a pop-up list from which any one option may be selected. The advantages are that you still have a list to choose from, but it takes up very little screen space until the user interacts with the list.

As you saw, you can change the current option by selecting the list and moving through it until you get the choice you want.

The <SELECT> tag is used to create the environment and each choice in the select list is defined using the <OPTION> tag

For Example:

   What Continent are you from?
   <SELECT name="access">
   <OPTION> Europe
   <OPTION> America
   <OPTION> Australasia
   <OPTION> Asia
   <OPTION> Oops, Wrong planet!!

which gives:

What Continent are you from?