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The Score and the Stage

The Score coordinates the movie's media, determining when images appear and sounds play. Special channels control the movie's tempo, sound, and color palettes. The Score also assigns scripts (Lingo instructions) that specify what the movie does when certain events occur in the movie (more on this shortly).

The Stage is the visible portion of a movie. Use the Stage to determine where media appears. Working together, the Score's settings and controls create a dynamic, high-quality interactive piece that plays in a web page or as a stand-alone application directly on the user's local computer.

Movie properties specify properties that affect the entire movie, such as how colors are defined, the size and location of the Stage, the number of channels in the Score, copyright information, and font mapping.

Use the Movie > Properties command to set these settings. These settings apply only to the current movie, whereas the settings you choose from File > Preferences apply to every movie. See manuals for exact properties and parameters etc.|

Dave Marshall