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begin events

When a media begins, it sends a begin event. If another media waits for this event, it catches it. To make a media wait to an event, one of its synchronisation attributes (begin or end) should be written as follows:

<!-- if you want tag to start when
     another tag begins -->
<tag begin="id(specifiedId)(begin)" />

<!-- if you want tag to start 3s after
     another tag begins -->
<tag begin="id(specifiedId)(3s)" />

<!-- if you want tag to start when
     another tag ends -->
<tag begin="id(specifiedId)(end)" />

For example:


   <img src="cardiff.gif" region="cardiff"
	id="cf" begin="4s" />

   <img src="next.gif" region="next"
        begin="id(cf)(2s)" />


will make the next.gif image begin 2s after cardiff.gif begins.

Dave Marshall