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Application Help

From such an application simply type help or ? to get a list of all the FTP client commands:

ftp> ?
Commands may be abbreviated.  Commands are:

!               cr              macdef          proxy           send
$               delete          mdelete         sendport        status
account         debug           mdir            put             struct
append          dir             mget            pwd             sunique
ascii           disconnect      mkdir           quit            tenex
bell            form            mls             quote           trace
binary          get             mode            recv            type
bye             glob            mput            remotehelp      user
case            hash            nmap            rename          verbose
cd              help            ntrans          reset           ?
cdup            lcd             open            rmdir
close           ls              prompt          runique

To find out more information (though dont rely on get a lot of help) you can type ? command


ftp> ? help
help            print local help information

Remotehelp from the server can be obtained in a similar fashion:

[ command-name ] -- Request help from the remote FTP server. If a command-name is specified it is supplied to the server as well.

Dave Marshall