Using MailDrop

The Department's Macintoshes are located in Teaching Lab 2 (room C/2.05). Power on the Macintosh and double click on the MailDrop Icon.

Listing Your Messages

A window appears containing at least one mailbox folder called ``INBOX''. Double click on the INBOX icon and MailDrop will try to access your mail on the mail server sentinel.

Mail Drop Main Window

Enter your username and UNIX mail password and click on tex2html_wrap28. A window listing the senders and subjects of the messages in your mailbox pops up.

Figure: Mail Drop Main Window???

Viewing a Message

To view an individual message, double click on the message. The contents of the message are displayed in a new window.

Figure: Mail Drop Message Window

Deleting a Message

Click on the tex2html_wrap30 button on the screen to delete a message you no longer want to keep.

The message is marked as deleted but is not really removed from the mailbox folder until you choose ``Purge'' from the ``Mail'' menu at he top of the screen.


Incoming messages are in a folder called ``INBOX''. You can save a message to another folder on the mail server. You might want to do this in order to keep a message for a longer period, or in order to file messages according to their sender or subject.

The ``Folders'' window shows the names of any folders you currently have (see ``Listing Your Messages'' above).

Copying a Message to Another Folder

If you want to move the current message to another folder, click on tex2html_wrap32.

Figure: Copying a Message

Highlight the folder you want to keep the message in and then click on tex2html_wrap34.

Sending Mail

To send a new message hold down the mouse button over the ``Mail'' menu and select ``Compose New Mail''.

To reply to an existing message, click on the tex2html_wrap36 button on the message window.

A ``New Message'' window pops up.

Figure: A New Message Window

The ``Recipient'' field must contain the mail address of the person the mail is intended to reach. Click on the tex2html_wrap38 button to insert a mail address.

The subject of the mail may be typed direct into the ``Subject'' field and the contents of the mail should be typed into the large text window at the bottom.

Click on tex2html_wrap40 to send the mail.

Quitting MailDrop

To terminate MailDrop either select ``Quit'' from the ``File'' menu or press the Macintosh option key and ``Q''.

Attaching Files in Mail Drop

You may attach a file to be sent to the recipient. Click on tex2html_wrap42 next to the ``Attachments'' field. A Macintosh file chooser appears. Select the file to be attached and its name appears in the ``Attachments'' field.

Dave Marshall
Thu Oct 9 16:29:00 BST 1997