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Problem Definition

In order to solve the problem play a game, which is restricted to two person table or board games, a topic which was fully discussed in the last year's course, we require the rules of the game and the targets for winning as well as a means of representing positions in the game. The opening position can be defined as the initial state and a winning position as a goal state, there can be more than one. legal moves allow for transfer from initial state to other states leading to the goal state. However the rules are far to copious in most games especially chess where they exceed the number of particles in the universe. Thus the rules cannot in general be supplied accurately and computer programs cannot easily handle them. The storage also presents another problem but searching can be achieved by hashing.

The number of rules that are used must be minimised and the set can be produced by expressing each rule in as general a form as possible. The representation of games in this way leads to a state space representation and it is natural for well organised games with some structure. This representation allows for the formal definition of a problem which necessitates the movement from a set of initial positions to one of a set of target positions. It means that the solution involves using known techniques and a systematic search. This is quite a common method in AI.