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  • E-Science: (Co-investigator), Spatial Semantics for Automating Geographic Information (GI) Processes. 2007, e-Science Institute, Edingburgh, UK. http://wiki.esi.ac.uk/Spatial_Semantics_for_Automating_Geographic_Information_Processes

    A networking and research stimulation project, funded by the e-Sience Institute, Edinburgh on the topic of understanding, discovering, representing and utilising geo-spatial semantics.
  • TRIPOD: (Co-investigator), TRI-Partite multimedia Object Description, EU FP6 project,Cardiff University,  Jan. 2007 Dec. 2009  http://tripod.shef.ac.uk/
    The primary objective of Tripod is to revolutionise access to the enormous body of visual media.
    Applying an innovative multidisciplinary approach Tripod will utilise largely untapped but vast, accurate and regularly updated sources of semantic information to create ground breaking intuitive search services, enabling users to effortlessly and accurately gain access to the image they seek from this ever expanding resource.
  • SPIRIT: (Co-investigator) Spatially-Aware Information Retrieval on the Internet, EU FP5 project, Cardiff University, 2002-2005.
    The SPIRIT search engine provides a test bed for the development of web search technology that is specialised for access to geographical information. Major components include the user interface, geographical ontology, maintenance and retrieval functions for a test collection of web documents, textual and spatial indexes, relevance ranking and metadata extraction.
  • Multiscale Spatial Databases: (Co-investigator) EPSRC Grant, University of Glamorgan, Wales, 1998-2001.
    The research addresses the problem of providing efficient access to geographical map data at multiple levels of detail. The objective of the research is to build a multiscale spatial database that facilitates retrieval of selected types of map data at an appropriate level of detail and renders the data as a legible map.
  • DOOD: Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases: (Research Associate) EPSRC Grant, University of Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh, 1990-1994.
  • Erasmus Mundus University II: (Cardiff university coordinator), a project in the framework of a new EUropean mobility programme, Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window. EMU II is a consortium of 20 universities, 10 from Europe and 10 from the region Egypt, Palestine and Israel. Budget, 6,000,000 EUR to mobilize 270 students and researchers between Europe and this region, 2007-2010. http://www.erasmusmundus2.eu/





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