The Qurator Project


University of Manchester University of Aberdeen Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Describing the quality of curated e-Science information resources

As more e-Science information resources become available on-line, it is impossible to ignore the fact that many are of extremely variable quality. Very few tools exist by which providers, curators and consumers of e-Science information can discover and document its quality. The Qurator project aims to develop and test such tools in close collaboration with user-scientists, with the long term goal of providing generic information quality support in e-Science.

About Qurator

A variety of Qurator papers and presentations are now available from the publications page.

Last updated: October 22 2007

The Qurator project is funded by the EPSRC Programme Fundamental Computer Science for e-Science: GR/S67593 & GR/S67609 - Describing the Quality of Curated e-Science Information Resources.

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