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Hi, my name is Jamie Williamson. I am currently a first year student in the BSC Computer Science program at Cardiff University. My passion for code was ignited at 14 when I first worked in a programming language during my GCSE IT classes at Chepstow Secondary School. I followed this by working on individual projects and some freelance web design for businesses and projects in the local community. This allowed me to expand my knowledge in the areas of web programming, and design as well as expanding my grasp of languages into new territories.

My passion for coding and all things computing is coupled with one for mathematics. I left Secondary School with an A in Maths, a B in Further Maths, and a C in Physics. These courses allowed me to build upon my pre-existing Maths skills and grasp several new and interesting concepts during the two years spent studying them. The A level courses coupled with work outside of school on personal projects meant that my knowledge of the fundamentals of computing increased at a quick speed

The learning outside of class has helped me develop into a self motivated person with a strong hold of my time management. Time spent in employment means I have a solid grasp of working alone unsupervised as well as part of a large group in bigger projects.

Outside of the world of computers I am an avid reader, film buff, musician and football fan, that loves nothing more than relaxing while watching the game and listening to the latest CDs from my favourite artists.

Once I have finished my time at Cardiff I hope to join a company specialising in computing working on interesting projects either in a small team of driven individuals or in a larger organisation with better resources to tackle difficult tasks.
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Current Studies

I am currently studying for a 3 year BSC in Computer Science at the University of Cardiff, with a keen interest in doing one or more semesters abroad. I picked the course due to my interest in computing and mathematics. The School of Computer Science at Cardiff puts a large focus in the role of maths in the world of computing and this was one of the main reasons I chose the course over others at different universities. I chose the straight Computer Science course over alternatives such as Business Information Systems or Computer Science with a specialisation too ensure I got the broadest range of knowledge from the course and avoid "pigeon holeing" my self into one area early on.

The modules I will be taking in the first year include Intro to Computational Thinking, Problem Solving with Python, Web Applications, Professional Skills, Developing Quality Software, Fundamentals of Computing with Java and Architecture and Operating Systems. So far I have completed Introduction to Computational thinking with an overall grade of 87%, and am currently studying Problem solving with Python, Web Applications and Professional Skills
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Work and Projects



5app: Junior Programmer

Before attending Cardiff I worked for 6 months as a Junior Programmer at the mobile applications developer 5app. My role in the company was to work on cross platform apps for clients using a reliable backend developed by 5app. My main project during my time at 5app was working on an app called "Accurate Mileage" for an outside company. The app was written in HTML, CSS and Javascript using the Cordova system to make it platform agnostic. My time spent working on the project was largely unsupervised which allowed me to work at a self-motivated pace and meet and exceed all deadlines placed upon me by my bosses. As part of my work on this project I found the need to teach myself Javascript to ensure the project worked as intended, this self motivation was a large element in my success at the company. In the tail end of this project I worked closely with a designer to to ensure the look and feel of this project fit the message it was trying to convey and worked across all platforms and screen sizes. This close working relationship taught me a lot about the design aspect of program development and how to set goals as a team.

Alongside my work on the app projects I worked as part of a team on a project for the future direction of the company. The aim of the project was too prove the need for a reliable system for the transference of mobile data in the modern world. My part of the project was to write a website that displayed the data collected by a simple app and server connection in an intuitive manner across a map of a journey. While this project did not greatly expand my technical skills it did highlight the key importance in working as part of a team and there were large improvements to my ability to work as part of a team.

At the end of my time at 5app I was offered a full time position in their London office but turned down the role in favour of expanding my knowledge at Cardiff university.



School Projects

In my short time at Cardiff University so far I have already worked on several projects across my modules. The first of these was at the end of my Introduction to Computational Thinking module in which we had to make a text based adventure game as part of a team of several people. The game was called "STRANDED" and set the players on an abandoned island after a plane crash. Our game was written in python and based on a story written by one of the team members. The project was finished by a sales pitch made by our team to a marking lecturer and another group. The project taught me a lot not just in terms of coding but also in how to work in a team, set deadlines and drive the team forward when leadership is needed.

As part of my Web Applications module I designed and coded a website to calculate the date of Easter in a year given by the user. This was done by taking input from a HTML form and passing it to a python script to perform the necessary algorithm and print out the results in a well formed HTML page.



Personal Projects

Outside of work or school I have worked on multiple projects to improve my coding in general or to specifically learn new techniques. The largest of these projects was a website made for a local charity designed to raise awareness for the need to preserve local green areas for the natural diversity they contained. This was my fist large web project and taught me a lot about not only HTML and CSS but also the importance of open communication with customers and requirements engineering to discover the correct solution to the customer's problems.

Academic History

A Level
Further MathsB
History (AS)B
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