The Use of Compilers Today

The uses of the Compilers Today

This page will show you some of the uses in which the programming compilers have today. A compiler is key in most programming languages as you can find out on the Technological Contribution page of this website.

Importance of the Compiler

Compilers have many different qualities as to why it is important when executing. The list below shows some of the qualities in which a compiler has:

  • Correctness - does it preserve meaning.
  • Compiles quickly (complexity of compiling program O(n log n))
  • Output execution speed - how fast is the output code?
  • Output footprint - how large is the code how much memory does it use?
  • Separate compilation e.g. relocatable code and linking
  • Use friendly front-end: good error recovery.
  • Debugging facilities.
  • Cross language calls -- interface compatibilities.
  • Understandable and correct optimizations.
  • The First Compiler


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