Samuil Dichev's e-Portfolio


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Description: Personal e-Portfolio which generates content using PHP and MySQL.

My role(s): Sole programmer

Tools: HTML / CSS / PHP (MySQL) / JavaScript

Start: Week 4, Semester 2, Year 1
End: Week 5, Semester 2, Year 1

River Crossing Game

Description: Game simulation of the popular river crossing problem, designed in a team of 6 students.

My role(s): Lead programmer and game demonstration

Tools: Python (Pygame + TKinter)

Start: Week 3, Semester 1, Year 1
End: Week 4, Semester 1, Year 1

Student Testing System

Description: Career's fair testing software, designed in a group of 6 students to extensively test and mark students, as well as to suggest appropriate courses for them based on their results. This project includes documentations such as Use Cases, UML Classes and Diagrams, Risk Analysis, Gantt Chart and more.

My role(s): Co-programmer and product demonstration

Tools: Python (TKinter)

Start: Week 2, Semester 2, Year 1
End: Week 10, Semester 2, Year 1