The History of the Internet

Old ways of Communicating

Before the Internet there where many differnet ways the people tired to communicate. Here are some examples of some of the many ways.

Drums/Smoke signals Each beat of the drum/smoke signal would correspond to a different letter in the alphabet so the person reviewing the signal will have to decode the message 3000 BC
Optical (semaphore) telegraph Visual signals where set using towers with pivoting shutters which can be read when the shutters are in a fixed position from a long distance away. 1792
Electric telegraph The electric telegraph was used to send bleeps to the receiver at the other end. Morse code was used to code the messages. 1809-1836
Transatlantic telegraph cable The transatlantic telegraph was much like the electric telegraph but on a much larger scale. It used a cable that ran under the sea to send messages to north america to europe. 1870s
Radio Radio was the first wireless way of communicating using electromagnetic signals. 1890s