Cloud Technology

The internet has become a powerful tool of communication.
We use it every day and became an integral part of our daily lives, whether it is to check emails, banking, online shopping, or Skype etc.
We all need it and it continues to evolve, it is estimated that by 2020 there will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet. The development of cloud technology is the next phase of this evolution and it is already being implemented by every relevant sectors in the technology industry.
Industries such as gaming, movies, music, banking, and many more have now began rolling the concept of the technology and recognises its true potential.

So what is Cloud Technology?

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The idea of cloud technology is simply innovating the power of the internet by using its sharing information capabilities.
Data is now stored in a device that stores all of this information and any device that is connected to this will have an access.
The technology is no longer just about sharing data, cloud technology has now been developed for us to be able to share any type of data no matter how small or large.
For instance in an organisation, a building will consists of many computers as employees must have an access to software applications or databases. Typically for each employee that intend to use a software in a stationed computer, the software has to be installed in that machine, and properly licensed and could cost heavily.
The same logic applies to databases, the file must exists in that machine otherwise it will not be visible. The example above is simply one of the breakthroughs cloud technology could bring in the table in a business.
Furthermore, computer scientist John McCarthy who proposed the idea of computation in the 1960’s believed this is to be delivered as a public utility. In a world, full of connected devices, a world that shares one massive network which we call the web and accessed it by smartphones, tablets, handheld devices, laptops, etc. cloud computing may have just arrived on the right time.