Cloud Technology

A Brief History:

The concept of cloud computing has actually been existed for many years, as it gradually evolves starting from the:

Timeline of the Evolution of Cloud Technology
1950s: Gradual evolution, mainframe computingAccess through a single resource, it is costly to purchase and maintain mainframe computers therefore it is not practical for company to have one for each employee. However they were capable of handling multiple users accessing a central computer.
1970s: Concept of virtual machinesEnabling virtualization of software, the possibility of more operating systems in a computing environment. It is since then became very important in the evolution of Information and Communications Technology.
1990s: Telecommunications industry began to offer virtualised private networkCompanies offered a single dedicated point-to-point data connections. It offered private network connections and the same quality as their dedicated servers at a reduced costs. In contrast to building their own physical infrastructure , the technology allowed more users to have more users connected and provide share access to the same physical infrastructure
2000s: Rise of commercial networkingCompanies have to rethink their business models, in search of new way to monetize the internet. Amazon for example has got on board on web services on 2002, giving users the ability to access storage, computation solutions and other apps through the internet.

The evolution of cloud computing have evolved from these steps:

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Grid Computing:Solving large problems using parallel computing.
Utility Computing:Offering computing resources as a metered service.
Saas:Network-based subscriptions to applications
Cloud Computing:Anytime, anyhwere access to IT resources delivered dynamically as a service.