Cloud Technology

Benefits of the Cloud

This page consist of the benefits of cloud technology into the modern Internet.
In simplest terms cloud technology is simply the means of storing and accessing data. The cloud used as a metaphor for the internet, and it is not talking about a computer’s hard-drive it is in fact the internet. Data and programs is now accessible through the internet and the information is synchronised over the web. As long as your device, is connected to the cloud(internet) you will have access to any sorts of data. The entertainment industry such as games, movies, music and others are exploring new ways to deliver their content to their clients and customers and storage is one big problem. However through the cloud their content can now be delivered and accessed easily without worrying too much about hard-drive space.

Recent news circulated such as Sony have purchased “GAIKAI” for 380 million, a cloud based gaming company that will enable you to play AAA game titles no matter what your device is, as long as it is connected to the internet. Other companies such as NETFLIX or GOOGLE PLAY are delivering content through their cloud servers, eliminating the need for downloading the content. Companies such as Microsoft, IBM and others have also been very interested of the powers cloud technology could bring. The internet simply provides the connection between the device and the database. This is simply the surface of the benefits cloud technology brings as it brings convenience and flexibility.


Well, Cloud technology will require the use of internet and without it you will not be able to access any data. In addition, it requires to have superfast broadband speeds and larger bandwidths if the user desires a smooth experience. Most developed countries such as United States or the United Kingdom does have the internet speed required to perform cloud computing. On the other hand many countries, particularly developing countries will still need to upgrade their capabilities to be able to get grips of the amount of data required to run cloud computing.


Cloud technology could indeed change the way we access data, it could change how the industry works and we humans does computing. Only time will tell where it will lead us to next. IBM explains what could hold for the future of cloud technology.
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