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Some Names

There are many names which although aren't English/Arabic, sound lovely and are most importantly - pronouncable

Jilnar, Zahra, Iman, Farah, Fatima, Tasneem, Mariyam, Nihal, Nuhad, Nahed, Haala, Halla.

Diaa Hadid

About names that can fit in Arabic and English at the same time, actually there are many names but these names where recognized as a western or Christian names while it is all originating from Aramaic which is in its turn the origin of Arabic language. I will give you some examples:

Marta and Marry are Arabic names, the origin of the word is mar and it means the master `al saied' and the arabic word `mare2' which means Human comes from the same origin, the feminine formula of mar is Marta and Marry (it depends on which accent and period of Aramaic) actual the T here is `ta2 al ta2neeth al sakena' and we still say in Arabic Mara for women and if you notice the end of mara in arabic is ta2 marboota which shows that the origin of it is T in the spoken dialect we say for example `Nahed mart Salem' and it shows here again that the original word is Mart or Marta which means the Lady. Also the word Mar is still used until now adays before the names of saints, like Mar elias and Mar gorgeous...etc.. Actually many common names on the west that have a feminine and masculine forms with the feminine form end with T are actualy Arabic names, like: Gorge - Georgette, which mean: the Muna3aam in arabic (check the Aramaic dictionary) Pernar-Pernadet Antoin- Antoinet....etc

Also the names that end with Eil (which means Allah )or Eilla are Arabic like:

Rafaeil-Rafeila : which means Raffaha Allah Michele- michella ...etc

also Sandrella means the Sandal tree of God

Alisar can also be very nice name, it means: the strong, the invincible....etc. and it was the title (not the name an many think) of Daidoon the queen of Qurtag (845 B.C)

Joulia, means the glorious `Jalila' and it was common to use before the names of the queens in the past like: Julia Domna (The Syrian emperor who role Rome (around 400 B.C)- she is from Homs by the way...like me :))

I have many other names on mind but I don't want to bore the other Aranibs with this chapter on Arabic names...the thing is that this is a favourite subject of mien (The match between Aramaic and Arabic..also the ancient history) and I cant resist raising it when talking about names cause the names are a big evidence of it. If you are interested in more I can send you some by email.