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The Day Freedom Came to Southern Lebanon
Jihad Samra

Four articles written by Jihad describe an eye witness report of feelings and emotions from the front line. A brief history of the conflict is provided by Nawwaf Kharma below.

A history of the conflict
by Nawwaf Kharma

Pales 20 Immigration of Jews begins
Israel 48 State declared
Israel 56 Crisis of Suez
Israel 63 Breakup of the United Arab Republic (Egypt & Syria)
Israel 67 Defeat, complete Occupation of Palestine++, Fall of Jerusalem
Israel 73 Liberation of Sinai begins, followed by 'peace' treaty w/ Egypt
Israel 78 Occupation of S. Lebanon
Israel 82 Invasion of Lebanon
Israel 87 Uprising (Al-Intifadha)
Israel 91 US Defeat of Iraq, followed by 'peace' treaties with PLO & Jordan
Israel 00 Liberation of S. Lebanon