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Antonia J. Jones

"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
Without ever having felt sorry for itself."

David Herbert Lawrence (1885-1930)

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Professor Emerita of Evolutionary and Neural Computation

[Now based in Florida]

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The Microsoft Motto?

 "We will render you every assistance short of actual help".

(Reputed to have been said by Robert Kennedy describing Canada's position during the Cuban Missile crisis.)


Google Earth Anomaly - What is this?  It is 63miles long and 0.3 miles wide at 46º18'46.22"N, 119º54'30.50"E  (or click on GE file <here>). Is it an imaging artifact or is it real?

[See <here> thanks to John Busby]


Table of Contents

This is my home page. On it you will find links to:

Lectures in pdf format with Mathematica files.

Pictures (miscellaneous and around the Research Farm). One at a time (low bandwidth link) or all at once (high bandwidth link). Linda's birthday.

Early Books

Current Books

My vote for the best webcam ever (needs Real Player and broadband) with profound thanks to Pete Le Roux and Cameron Murie.

Documentaries and Interviews Audio and Video

Richard A. Bartle: Danger Micros can damage your marriage


Ph.D. theses in pdf format - where these are available - below.

Some unpublished papers in .pdf format.

Self-replicating probes for galactic exploration.
A Schemata theorem for trees.
The Jet-Set travelling Salesman: (1) Triangular Tours.
Automated embedding and the creep phenomenon in chaotic time series.
The evolution of artificial neurology in ALEPH_world.


Pythagoras and the Pussy Cats

Information Technology and Government

The Perception of Reality  Last chapter of unfinished book.

Dual Heat Source H2 Central Heating Controller. Installation of an H2 Controller in a Welsh Farmhouse.

Brazil for the unwary. A quick guide to the do's and don'ts for the traveller in Brazil.

UgWord for the unwary. A quick guide to UgWord for students preparing projects.

WiFi for the unwary. Wireless networks - common problems and some solutions. Trials and tribulations of getting a Windows LapTop WiFi connected.

Norton Firewall for the unwary. How to punch an application-specific hole in Norton firewall.

War, War and More War. Reflections on Bush's Wars

Windows Computing for the unwary. Some Tips to make the Windows experience more endurable.

Where Next? Further reflections on the Bush-Blair wars.




The Gamma test

!!! winGammaTM is now Freeware !!!!

Other non-linear modelling tools now available include:

A Command line Gamma test controlled by a script file. This is useful for running multiple gamma tests, full embeddings etc. It comes in a compiled DOS form and is also available in the UNIX source code.

The support MathematicaTM files for test data generation, analysis and graphics generation. This collection includes a Windows compiled version of the Gamma test which can be called from a MathematicaTM  file .

R-package with (optional) approximate near neighbour routine for fast Gamma test. Available from the R-site.

<NEW!>   Windows and Linux compiled (optional) approximate near neighbour routine for fast Gamma test callable from MATLABTM  has finally arrived.

We are now working on Mac versions.

These tools can be downloaded or located from the Gamma archive .  (See also the winGamma site  for other background material.)

Other Useful Windows Freeware

RSA Cryptography System (J. R. Rabaiotti 2003 - Updated 2008 - Version 2.2 now available.)


Biobyte (all you really need to know).

Three favourite movies: Blade Runner (1982), Heaven's Gate (1980), The Deer Hunter (1978). Hero: Thomas Paine (1737 - 1809).

Academic Biography

Graduated from Reading University, UK, with double First class honours in Mathematics and Physics and completed her doctorate in Number Theory at the University of Cambridge <genealogy: here>. She has worked at the University of Nottingham; the Institute for Advanced Study Princeton, New Jersey; Colorado University, Boulder, Colorado; Royal Holloway College, University of London; Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois; Brunel University, West London; Imperial College, University of London, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces and is now Professor Emerita of Neural and Evolutionary Computing in the School of Computer Science, Cardiff University, Wales.

Her papers cover such subjects as Number Theory and Diophantine Approximation, Diophantine Equations, Computer Aided Instruction, Neural Nets and Genetic Algorithms, and applications of Neural Computing and Genetic Algorithms to Control Theory, the Analysis Control and Synchronization of Chaotic Systems, Signal Processing and Speech Recognition. She has written several books on Game Theory and Computing, is a Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS), a Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP), a Senior Member of IEEE, a Life Fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society (FCPS), and is on the Editorial Boards of Neural Computing & Applications and Computational Management Science.

She started her professional career as a pure mathematician and became progressively interested in Computing, especially machine learning, neural computing, and massively parallel genetic algorithms. More recently she has been working on the control and synchronisation of chaotic dynamical systems with particular reference to neural chaos. In the early 1980's she published a number of books and articles on home computing and was Series Editor for Ellis Horwood's series in Home Computing. She also ran her own software company (Ridge Systems).

At Brunel she managed a project on Computer Aided Instruction and jointly managed a research initiative funded by British Telecom Research Laboratories in applications of neural net models to speech recognition.

She has helped to prepare AI and Neural Net courses for Control Data Corporation and Bellcore, acted as consultant in advanced computing techniques for a number of major companies, has been an invited visitor to GMD, Cologne, Germany, New Mexico State University, the Oregon Graduate Institute, Weizmann Institute, Israel, Coppe Sistemas, UF Rio de Janeiro, and has a continuing research relationship with Laboratório de Inteligência Computacional, So Carlos-USP, Brazil.

Her main professional interests are massively parallel models of computation, connectionist architectures, algorithms for the extraction of noise applied to the prediction and control of chaotic dynamics, analysis of probabilistic algorithms for hard combinatoric search, and learning algorithms with particular reference to speech recognition and signal processing. Recently she has been particularly interested in very high security cryptography. She also has a mild ongoing interest in applications of AI to Computer Aided Instruction.

[For early biographical details see: A. Buckley, Women in Electrical Engineering, Int. J. Elec. Eng. Educ., Vol. 21, pp 202-203, 1984.]

Recent publications

Papers in refereed journals

Non-parametric estimation of residual moments and covariance. Dafydd Evans and Antonia J. Jones. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. Series A, 464(2099): 2831-2846, 2008. doi:10.1098/rspa.2007.0195. [Preprint PDF]

Exact Solutions for Sturm-Liouville problems on trees via novel substitute systems and the Wittrick-Williams algorithm. Fred W. Williams, Andrew Watson, W. Paul Howson and Antonia J. Jones. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. Series A, 463(2088): 3195-3224, 2007. doi 10.1098/rspa.2007.1905. Preprint PDF (includes electronic Appendix) [429KB].

Anti-keylogging measures for secure Internet login: an example of the law of unintended consequences. Stuart P. Goring, Joseph R. Rabaiotti and Antonia J. Jones. Computers & Security, 26: 419-444, 2007. doi:10.1016/j.cose.2007.05.002.  Preprint PDF [217KB] (also see <here>).

A Note on the Gamma test Analysis of  Noisy Input/Output data and Noisy Time Series. Antonia J. Jones, D Evans and S. E. Kemp. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, Volume 229(1): 1-8, 2007. doi:10.1016/j.physd.2006.12.013. Preprint PDF [365 Kb]

New Screening software shows that most recent large 16S rRNA gene clone libraries contain chimeras. Kevin E. Ashelford, Nadia A. Chuzhanova, John C. Fry, Antonia J. Jones, and Andrew J. Weightman. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 72(9), 5734-5741, 2006. doi:10.1128/AEM.00556-06.  Preprint PDF [435KB]

At Least 1 in 20 16S rRNA Sequence Records Currently Held in Public Repositories Is Estimated To Contain Substantial Anomalies. Kevin E. Ashelford, Nadia A. Chuzhanova, John C. Fry, Antonia J. Jones, and Andrew J. Weightman. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 71(12), 7724-7736, December 2005. AEM.71.12.7724-7736.2005. Preprint PDF[713KB]

New Tools in Non-linear Modelling and Prediction. Antonia J. Jones. Computational Management Science, 1(2):109-149, 2004. Preprint PDF [1.9 MB]

Predicting Housing Value: Attribute Selection and Dependence Modelling Utilising the Gamma Test. I. D. Wilson, Antonia J. Jones, D. H. Jenkins, and J. A. Ware.  Advances in Econometrics, 19, 243-275, 2004. Elsevier Ltd. ISSN 0731-9053/doi:10,1016/D0731-9053(04)19010-5. Preprint PDF [418KB]

Asymptotic moments of near neighbour distance distributions. D. Evans, Antonia J. Jones, W. M. Schmidt. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. Series A, 458(2028):2839-2849, 2002.  Preprint PDF [248 KB]

A proof of the Gamma test.  D. Evans and Antonia J. Jones. Proc. Roy. Soc. Series A, 458(2027), 2759-2799, 2002. Preprint PDF [643 KB]

Neural models of arbitrary chaotic systems: construction and the role of time delayed feedback in control and synchronization. Antonia J. Jones, A.P.M Tsui, and Ana G. Oliveira. With html and pdf electronic supplement. Complexity International, Volume 09, 2002. ISSN 1320-0682. Paper ID: tsui01, URL:http://journal-ci.csse.monash.edu.au/ci/vol09/tsui01/

The construction of smooth models using irregular embeddings determined by a Gamma test analysis. Alban P. Tsui, Antonia J. Jones and Ana Guedes de Oliveira. Neural Computing & Applications, 10(4), 318-329, April 2002. ISSN 0-941-0643. [Preprint]

The control of higher dimensional chaos: comparative results for the chaotic satellite attitude control problem, Alban P. Tsui and Antonia J. Jones. Physica D, 135(1-2):41-62 January 2000.

Periodic response to external simulation of a chaotic neural network with delayed feedback. Alban P. Tsui and Antonia J. Jones. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 9(4):713-722, April 1999.

Synchronisation of chaotic maps by feedback control and application to secure communications using chaotic neural networks. Ana Guedes de Oliveira and Antonia J. Jones. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 8(11):2225-2237, November 1998

Feature selection for genetic sequence classification, Nadia A. Chuzhanova, Antonia J. Jones and S. Margetts. Bioinformatics, 14(2):139-143, 1998. [Preprint]

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Estimating the Held-Karp Lower Bound for the Geometric Travelling Salesman Problem. Christine L. Valenzuela and Antonia J. Jones. European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR), 102(1):157-175, 1997. ISSN 0377-2217. [Preprint]

A note on the Gamma test, Adalbjörn Stefánsson, N. Koncar and Antonia J. Jones. Neural Computing & Applications, 5(3):131-133, 1997. ISSN 0-941-0643. [Preprint]

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Papers in Conferences

Heuristic confidence intervals for the Gamma test. Antonia J. Jones and Samuel E. Kemp. The 2006 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI'06): June 26-29, 2006, Las Vegas, USA. Volume 2, pp 54-60, CSREA Press.  ISBN 1-932415-98-X. [Preprint]

An Adaptive Mapping for Developmental Genetic Programming. Steve Margetts and Antonia J. Jones. Genetic Programming, Proceedings of EuroGP'2001, Lake Como, Italy, April 18-20, Pages 97-107, Eds. Julian F. Miller and Marco Tomassini and Pier Luca Lanzi and Conor Ryan and Andrea G. B. Tettamanzi and William B. Langdon, Series LNCS 2038, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2001. ISBN 3-540-41899-7. [Preprint]

Non-linear modelling and chaotic neural networks. Antonia J. Jones, Steve Margetts, Peter Durrant, and Alban P. M. Tsui. Invited paper in Proceedings IV Simpósio Brasileiro de Redes Neurais (IV Brazilian Symposium on Neural Networks) (SBRN2000), I pp7-14 ISBN 0-7695-0856. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 2000. [Preprint]

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Chapters in books.

The Gamma Test, Antonia J. Jones, Dafydd Evans, Steve Margetts, Peter J. Durrant. Chapter 9, in Heuristic and Optimization for Knowledge Discovery by Ruhul Sarker, Hussein Abbass and Charles Newton, Idea Group Publishing/IRM Press, Hershey, PA 17033-1117 USA, 2002.

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Ph.D. theses supervised.

Counter Intrusion Software: Malware Detection using Structural and Behavioural Features and Machine Learning. Joseph Rabaiotti. School of Computer Science. Cardiff University 2007. [2.2MB]

Gamma test analysis tools for non-linear time series. Samuel E. Kemp. Department of Computing & Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Advanced Technology, University of Glamorgan, Wales UK, 2006 [4 MB].

The Gamma Test: Data derived estimates of noise for unknown smooth models using near neighbour asymptotics. D. Evans, Department of Computer Science, Cardiff University 2002. [1.5 MB].

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Movie credits

Rocinante (1986) with John Hurt, Maureen Douglass, Ian Dury, and Jimmy Jewel. Electronic data processing consultant.


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15 February 2007: In a bid to speed up the dissemination of scientific discoveries, the European Commission said Thursday it plans to shake up the old-fashioned world of scientific publishing by throwing its weight behind a move to make scientific research results freely available on the Internet.  <Sign up here> (The link has been down sometimes).



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