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Cardiff University

Currently I am studying Buisness Information Systems at Cardiff University. So far I've studied four modules which are Computational Thinking, Problem Solving With Python, Web Applications and Proffesional Skills. I'm in my first year, at this point in time I'm enjoying Web Applications the most but there are many more modules to come. The next module I will be studying is Developing Quality Software.

From my first semester in University I've learned many skills that will help me in the future. I have learned and understood binary, elementary programming, analysing problems and solving with Computational thinking, I've learned the history of computers and the internal working of a computer.

By taking theWeb Applications module I have learned the structures and protocols of the internet. I have also learned how to construct a website using a variety of tools. I have been using HTML and CSS to construct my websites, also I've looked into JavaScript for the future.

In my Proffessional Skills module I have been using version control and Git. I have used LaTeX to construct a PDF file in an effective manner. I've learned that LaTeX can be very useful in the future when creating documents, it is useful for the layout and looks more proffessional than word or similar writing techniques.

Problem Solving With Python has been the most challenging module as I have only just began to learn code, although I've undrstood the basics I can see how useful Python can be in the work industry. I would say I need to further develop my Python skills and practice more whilst I'm in study to expand my job opportunities in the next few years.

After my studies my plan is to work with a large company such as EA, Google or IBM to name a few or I' even interested in working in a bank or in the marketing insustry. The Buisness Information Systems degree has opened my opportunities, by obtaining a degree in this course I will have a wide range of careers to step into. I have not decided yet as I'd like to research different jobs and taking life step by step.