Contribution still relevant today

Konrad Zuse's contribution is still relevant today for many of reasons. Zuse contributed to the main fundementals of the modern computer such as the control unit, memory, micro sequences, floating point logic and input output devices. All modern computers have these today. Zuse also created Plankalkul which is a programming language which was designed for engeneering purposes.

Konrad Zuse was the start of the modern computer, by creating the first programmable computer he began the development of computers resulting in today's modern computers like the iMac and others brands such as HP, Dell etc to succeed.

Computers have a massive impact on today's society, everything and everywhere is ran by computers and vital information is stored on them. When Konrad Zuse built his Z1 little did he know he changed the way of living. Konrad Zuse is still relevant because he is in the history books of building the computer.

According to mail online we spend 'half our lives using technology' such as computers. Approximately 2,405,518,376 people of the world's population have computers, this shows the impact of Zuse's work.