Programming Languages:

Knowledge of Python, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Assembly languages. Some examples of my work can be seen in my programming examples page.

Employable Qualities:

I am a competent programmer in a range of languages and am quick to pick up new forms of code.

I have strong interpersonal skills and work well both on my own and as a part of a team. I am a good problem solver and strive to do my best in every situation.

I have experience of search engine optimization, image editing software and computer aided design in solidworks.


Art & Design:

When I'm not busy programming you will often find me drawing, either traditionally or digitally. I mainly focus on 2D work, including acrylic paint, pencil and digital art.

Some of my work has also been commissioned for use in Youtube video thumbnails. Some examples of these can be seen below.


I have keen interest in both my personal fitness and in raising money for notable organisations. For this reason I enjoy raising money by running for charity and most recently took part in the Race for Life. I also take part in other sports such as badminton, kayaking and swimming.


I try to help contribute to the local community and spent three years doing voluntary work with Youth Saint Vincent de Paul. This involved visiting local nursing homes and assisting at after school clubs.