Present studies:

2015-2018 BSc in Computer Science with Visual Computing,
Cardiff University

Course Description:

The course in which I am currently enrolled consists of 8 modules:

Semester 1:

  • Web Applications

  • Problem Solving With Python

  • Computational Thinking

  • Professional Skills

  • Semester 2:

  • Object Oriented Java Programming

  • Maths for Computer Science

  • Architecture and Operating Systems

  • Developing Quality Software

  • Projects during Semester 1:

  • During the first module -Computational Thinking I took part in the making of a word game called:Drink But Don’t Drop
  • To see more about the game click here -->

  • For the module: Web Applications I created a website using HTML about Ada Lovelace - The 1st Computer Programmer

  • Another website that I created using HTML and CGI is : Easter Dates
  • After finishing the module - Proffessional Skills I learned how to work with the following programs:
  • GIT
  • LaTeX

  • Skills gained during Semester 1:

  • Team work
  • Problem-solving
  • LaTeX, GIT and ect.

  • References:
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