Karol Krajcir


High School Of Matka Alexia

(2006 - 2014)

I have often been thinking about education and asking myself if it’s really that awesome in all its aspects. When I now look back to my high school attendance, I realize how often I was upset by those huge amounts of seemingly unimportant information we had to learn. Not to mention all those early-morning lessons, which I did not like at all. However, with hindsight, I gradually start to appreciate it. That might seem strange, I admit. However, I start to realize that lots of things I learnt there are now useful for me. I gained general knowledge, built self-discipline and self-awareness, ability to think critically and it has also developed and encouraged my interest in technology and computers. I met many awesome people and made long lasting friendships. For which I am really grateful.

I have finished my 8-year studies full of great experience here by taking final exam - Maturitné skúšky - equivalent of A-levels.