Karol Krajcir


Cardiff University

(2014 - *)

Choosing next step after finishing high school is always a big decision in one’s life and should be chosen wisely. My decision was to go to the university and study further.

Since my childhood, I have always been interested in computers. I used to play games a lot and gradually, as I went to school, I also started to realize computers are much more than something you can play games on. I found out that there are many useful and interesting programs and software to explore. Later on, I desired my own website about my favourite computer game. Hence, I attended a web development course and created my first webpage, which you can have a look at here. With hindsight, I think it was a great experience, as it ignited my interest and passion even more. Then I was accepted to quality religious high school Gymnazium of Matka Alexia in Bratislava, where I chose Informatics and Maths as my seminars later. I was taught how to work with MS Word and Excel, Audacity, program in Turtle Logo and Pascal and many other useful things.

Last years of high school, I started to think more about my future. As I mentioned above, I decided to go to the university right after I finish high school.

I had great passion about technology and computers in general and loved programming. However, I could not imagine myself working all day in front of computer in 10 years. I also wanted to somehow use my organising and management skills potential as well as my sense for detail. I spent many hours looking for a university course that would be at the same time focused on Information technology and related management subject. Then I discovered Information Business Systems course, which was an ideal combination for me. Hence, I looked for all universities providing this course. From them, I selected universities with good reputation in this particular area. Finally, I applied to 5 universities through UCAS with Cardiff University as my first choice and was happy to find out later that I was accepted.

One might ask why I did not consider option of studying at my home country. Yes, I did, many times. However, the main reason why I finally decided to study in the UK was the option of studying that particular course I mentioned above. Of course, I considered also other factors when deciding – better quality of education, learning English in its natural environment and, last but not least, I found it much bigger challenge to study abroad on my own.