Karol Krajcir


Strengths from my point of view

Every person in the world is defined by his/ her strengths and weaknesses. They build his character and personality. They determine how he acts in certain situations. They might be divided into two main categories – physical and inner strengths.

However, some people do not even think about this and therefore are not well aware of themselves which might cause them not using their full potential. Moreover, many people do not want to face the fact that every one of us does not possess strengths only. If we like it or not, weaknesses are part of our personality, too. The only way of growing and becoming better is by realizing and admitting them. Once one realizes his strengths and weaknesses, he/ she might use his/ her full potential, improve and grow as a person.

I believe everyone in the world possesses many different strengths and it is up to him if he realizes them and benefits from them.