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Excellent well-made hand-held pizza in the world
Give you unprecedented taste experience

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Superior Taste

We seek to be different and distinguished in flavors.

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Persuit Fresh!

Our food is fresh always-on!

About the Pizzacone

Pizzacone is a new kind of pizza snack that can be called a mini pizza, but thanks to its unique appearance and our carefully designed flavors, you can get excellent taste and delight experience all the time.

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Our advantages

SPECIALS on Festivals

We will provide more and more SPECIALS on holidays and festival like new year, Hollyween and Christmas Day.

Superior Fresh Vegetables

Our fresh vegetables always start from the beginning of the day! We will give you best fresh food experience!

Can't stand boring food in Cardiff?

Don't worry! You can easily find our interesting pizzacone in stores and online.

Our Commitment

We promise somethings to you because we are caring about your concern.


We had passed through the FSA testing so that you can totally trust our delicious pizzacone.


We can make sure the ingredients are fresh every day. And our source providers are absolutely normal.


We do a general cleaning of our store every day. We put the hygiene at first place.

Team 14

Pizzacone was started by a group of people in Team 14 who are young people with energy and ability.
We believe and plan to promote Pizzacone well in UK.

Flip left and right to see different members.

Order your Pizzacone

Please complete your correspondence below and we will prepare your order and deliver it to your address as soon as possible.