Welcome to Karolina's Cakes

Name Description Price Image
Sacher TorteDelicious, not so chocolate cake that originates in Vienna, Austria. Thick layers of milk and dark chocolate.$26.50
CheesecakePerfect, light way to end the meal. Sweet cheese base can be topped with anything you imagine, from strawberries, blueberries, apples and more. Maximum is 2 toppings, and they are for free!$12.00
KaiserschmarrnAnother Austrian dessert, which is a little harder to pronounce. Kaiserschmarrn are shredded pancakes that are usually dipped into plum compote, topped with powdered sugar.$10.50
CupcakesAdorable and instagramable desserts, we have Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Peanut Butter Chip, Sprinkle, Choco Coconut, Triple Choco and Banana Nutella. Price is per cupcakes. $5.00
TrdelnikA Czech delicacy one must try. This grilled roll dough is usually topped with sugar, cinnamon or walnuts. Recently the touristic demand for Trdelnik peeked so much that businesses started making them in a cone shape, filling them in with ice-cream, nutella, fruits and more.$4.00
Chocolate Sprinkle CakeA very special cake made by very special flatmates. The cream chocolate filling of a chocolate base will not allow you to stop after one slice. Plus there are sprinkles on top!$18.50
CrepesFrench style pancakes that will leave your tastebuds wanting more for hours. Usually served with nutella inside, topped with bananas and strawberries.$10.00
MuffinsThe perfect ending to a Sunday evening relaxation. These chocolate muffins topped with blueberries are our finest delicacy. $3.25
FroyoAlso known as a frozen yoghurt, to keep you alive during the hottest summer days. Best combined with chocolate, and some fresh fruits.$4.50
Forest-fruit MadnessFresh, simple and creamy. A mascarpone filling in-between lady fingers on the side of the finest forest fruits.$8.00
Swiss RollA sponge cake that originated from Austria, is known in a variety of tastes and appearances throughout the world.$6.50
PancakesIf you like chunkier pancakes, these are the way to go. This american-style dessert is served with ice-cream, strawberries and blueberries.$7.00
Plum CakeGrandmother's special! So fruity, as it only contains the freshest plums from our garden. $15.50