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Daniel Harborne

Undergraduate Student - Computer Science

Cardiff University

Welcome to my ePortfolio. Here you will find information about me, my current goals and aspirations, my skills, past experience and work and also a contact form to send across any follow up questions you may have.

Thanks for your interest!

Having worked both in large business retail and SME eCommerce, my base skill set for professionalism, working in teams, time management and independence are strong and well developed.

From working within the management of small businesses, my knowledge of how a company survives and grows and the decisions that need to be made has built up over time. This knowledge and experience has also allowed me to truly grasp the needs of the business when it comes to software and website development tasks and commissions.

It's this often rare grasp of both programming and the business requirements that i have been able to apply with great success leading to much more fit for purpose solutions as well as completion without the need for as much of the time consuming back and forth between the end user and the development team.

Currently i am operating in two modes:

- With a passion for technological advancement within society, I am looking to perform R&D in the field of applied artificial general intelligence. As such I am pursuing a degree at Cardiff University with the intention of continuing on to a PhD.

- I am currently using my experience within the SME environment and my pre-existing and growing knowledge of software and web development to offer small business e-commerce consulting and solutions.
Software Development Website Development Team Management Project Management Business Management Time Management Presentations Operations Management Dispatching Retail C# ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET AJAX ASP.NET JavaScript Lucene Microsoft SQL Server Visual Studio LaTeX Windows Azure SQL Azure E-commerce E-commerce Consulting E-commerce SEO Microsoft Excel Git Github Kung Fu HTML HTML5 CSS Photoshop Entity Framework Bootstrap Home Automation Home Audio Arduino IT Service Management
Language Proficiency
English Native
French A - Level and Certificate of Business Language Qualification
German GCSE
Japanese Beginner - Studying as part of the Cardiff Uni "Languages for All" Scheme

Nintronics Ltd

Operations Manager & Head of eCommerce Development

September 2011 - May 2015 (3 years 9 months)

Welwyn Garden City

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The first of two small-medium sized eCommerce companies owned by my employer at the time.

Nintronics is a fast growing Home Cinema and Hi-Fi retailer and installer.

My first main responsibility at Nintronics was to continue their eCommerce development
which often consisted of creating new listings on their various sales platforms,
developing software tools to facilitate this and helping to plan, design and produce
marketing strategies.

Nintronics went through a website redesign in 2014 and I was tasked with the co-management
of this.

My other main responsibility for Nintronics was to ensure the operations of the business
were moving swiftly and any challenges were handled. This included managing the
performance of our dispatch team, monitoring their KPIs and generating or adapting
methods to solve any identified areas for improvement. Within this
responsibility I also managed customer enquiries and ensured that the relevant
departments were keeping up to date with any requests or issues that were presented such
as repair or return requests.

Towards the end of my time at Nintronics I took on a marketing intern in order to help achieve the plans that myself and the team had created but not been able to implement due to a lack of man
power. This led to the further development of task delegation and project
management and was very rewarding for the company, myself and, from
feedback, the intern as well.

Bazaar Games

Business Manager

September 2012 - July 2014 (1 year 11 months)

Welwyn Garden City

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The second of two small-medium sized eCommerce companies owned by my employer a the time. Bazaar Games was a top UK hobby game retailer. After making the decision to ramp up Bazaar Games I was put in charge of it's management in 2012. This included a site redesign, increased marketing campaigns and, due to it's size, the full day to day operation of the company including customer management, order dispatch , stock control and purchasing. The business grew rapidly and was often recommended by it's consumers as one of the top UK sites to use for it's primary focus product: "Magic the Gathering" As the business expanded and moved location I was in charge of selecting a new employee for the company in order to take over the order dispatch and manage the small store front created. This employee, under my training and supervision, took over the majority of the day to day operations of the business and together we worked on continuing the excellent growth we had seen.

As Bazaar Games was the secondary focus for the owners , eventually the growth of their other businesses (positioned within a far more profitable industry) took priority. Slowly the team that worked on Bazaar(starting with myself) were moved across permanently to the other company (Nintronics) and finally the decision was made to fully focus on it's growth rather than splitting the resources between the two companies.

Carphone Warehouse

Customer Consultant

May 2010 - September 2011 (1 year 4 months)

Chesham/Aylesbury/High Wycombe

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Whilst at the Carphone Warehouse I developed my sales technique to become one of the highest performers in the region for attachment rates, conversion rates and monitored customer service.

When CPW launched a free cloud based back up service that it's consultants were to talk to it's customers about and sign the up for an account, I continuously had the highest attachment rate in the region. After a while I was put in charge of the regions performance in this area.

This required me to send out region wide emails encouraging staff to include the service in the conversations they were having with customers, post data about the performance of stores and individuals. After a short while the region had increased it's signups across all stores by around 2000%.

I was also invited to participate in meetings with the head developers of the service along with other sales executives in order to discuss what could be done to further improve customer uptake rates and also help provide general improvements for the service functionality.

Additionally during my time at CPW, my desire to progress was recognised and at every opportunity my regional manager moved me to bigger stores and ensured my back office skillset was being developed to later progress to a management role.

The final store I worked in was High Wycombe Eden which had it's core staff hand picked from the region due to an impending renovation and the aim to make it a flagship concept store. As such the team and myself helped with the renovation and development of the premises and the store exceeded all expectations.

Whilst waiting for a management role to appear within the region I was head hunted and as such left Carphone Warehouse.
Axion Now Website

Company: Axion Now

Project Type: eCommerce and event booking platform

Launch Date: Coming soon - Q1 2016

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Axion Now are the leading UK organiser of events for the collectable card game, "Magic: The Gathering"

From their premises in Amersham, they have also been providing a similarly market leading customer experience when it comes to the sale of the cards used to play the game. The next step for them was to move their retail operation online and together we have explored the scope of what is possible within the industry they operate.

The site i have produced for them, set to launch 1st Quarter 2016, offers an eCommerce platform with features not found on any other competitors websites as well as easy navigation and a feel that suits the wide range of demographics expected to use the site.

Magic the Gathering is a card game that has been around for over 20 years and as such the number of individual SKUs the site needed to handle exceeds 2 million once you consider that the cards have been printed in 13 different languages and come in a variety of different conditions. This lead to sophisticated indexing systems being implemented to handle the SKU faceted search.

Lucene, the indexing technology, was also implemented to handle the warehousing functionality of the site, which allows Axion Now to track where they have stock (be it the specific location within their Amersham store or whether the stock has been taken to an event across the country as often happens throughout the year)

Finally it is worth mentioning that the site also was designed to offer a platform for players to book their places in upcoming events as well as find out the details of these events using an event calendar.
Cardiff Uni Projects Image
Here you can find an index of my assessed work for Cardiff University. These projects are short , low mark assignments that has been hosted on their servers.



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