The Impact of Charles Babbage's Machines.

Whilst the difference engines were important to Babbages development and the path he took, the machine that really oushed progress towards modern computers was the analytical engine. Unlike the difference engines, which were dedicted to a smaller subset of functions, the analytical engine could perform many tasks and also store data and results. The engine could perform:

It can be seen from this list of functions that it was very close to the basic functionality we expect from modern computers today. Further more, some of it's architecture is very close to the current architecture for CPUs especiially after Babbage performed a redesign to make the system ressemble modern CPU grid style structure.

The analytical engine influenced many pioneers of the computer such as Ada Lovelace. That being said there were many other inventors who although ended up with very similar designs to Babbage were un aware of his analytical engine design and as such had to come up with solutions to problems solved by Babbage on their own.