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Instructions (for demonstration purposes)

Follow these instructions to show a representation of the data hub output.

Part 1 (left hand side)

name: Joe Bloggs email:

Click Add Account Platform: Twitter Account Id: TwitterNerd

Click 'Find Accounts'

This process shows that from a name and a twtter account the hub can search facebook accounts and rate the porbability that they are owned by the suspect.

It also shows that modules can be added for other platforms over time (such as instagram. Though in this demo it is shown that no instagram account could be found for the user)

Part 2 (Right hand side)

Click 'Add Account' 3 times

For each account that appears select an account type from the drop down and enter an Account Id (any dummy data will do)

Click 'Predict Ownership'

Probabilities that the suspect fromt he left is also the opperator of each of the 3 accounts is displayed

This shows that from a suspect profile on the left, we can check ownership of other accounts. Options exist to import and export the target accounts to deal with large volumes of accounts.