Index to RealAudio files

	    Name          Size	Description

[SND] afro.ram 216k Middle guitar solo from Afro Blue (1:50) [SND] banjo-solo.ram 137k Banjo solo from Electric Dreams, Electric Sighs (1:10) [SND] brecker.ram 183k Beginning of Jazz Jungle (1:34) [SND] cookie.ram 70k Half Man, Half Cookie (interlude) (0:35) [SND] cosmic.ram 553k Cosmic Strut + more (4:43) [SND] dance.ram 75k Gotta Dance (0:38) [SND] dawn.ram 606k Dawn, the whole piece (5:10) [SND] encuentros.ram 120k Beginning of Encuentros (1:02) [SND] eternity.ram 196k Beginning of Eternity's Breath (1:40) [SND] flame.ram 195k Beginning of Meeting of the Spirits (1:40) [SND] floria.ram 103k Beginning of Florianapolis (from Radioland) (0:53) [SND] floria2.ram 73k Forman's solo from Florianapolis (Radioland) (0:37) [SND] guard.ram 99k The whole Guardian Angels from Electric Dreams (0:50) [SND] gurtu.ram 515k Trilok's percussion solo from Mother Tongues (4:24) [SND] happiness.ram 324k John's solo from Happiness Is Being Together (2:46) [SND] india.ram 324k Beginning guitar solo from India (2:46) [SND] india2.ram 215k Middle part of India (1:50) [SND] inner.ram 215k Inner Worlds (1:50) [SND] lotus.ram 168k Lotus Feet from Inner Worlds (1:26) [SND] milesout.ram 169k Miles Out, beginning (1:26) [SND] mirage.ram 91k Beyond The Mirage, an Al Di Meola piece (0:47) [SND] mylife.ram 214k In My Life (1:49) [SND] ny.ram 204k New York In My Mind, beginning (1:44) [SND] ny2.ram 70k New York In My Mind, Goldberg's solo (0:36) [SND] ontheway.ram 419k On The Way Home To Earth (3:34) [SND] pasha.ram 214k Pasha's Love, beginning (1:49) [SND] pilgrim.ram 93k The Way Of The Pilgrim, beginning (0:48) [SND] return.ram 114k No Return, beginning (0:58) [SND] rfh.ram 225k Florianapolis, from Royal Festival Hall (1:55) [SND] shakti.ram 409k Beginning of the first Shakti album (3:29) [SND] vital.ram 242k Vital Transformation (2:04) [SND] wall.ram 143k The Wall Will Fall (it surely did!) (1:13) [SND] wish.ram 216k The Wish from The Promise (1:50) [SND] youknow.ram 169k You Know You Know (1:27)