'Miles' (Miles Davis autobiography. Miles Davis & Quincy Troupe. A TOUCHSTONE BOOK. Published by Simon & Schuster, 1990).

Page 295

"...In February 1969 we went into the studio: Wayne (Shorter), Chick (Corea), Herbie (Hancock), Dave (Holland), Tony (Williams) instead of Jack on drums...Joe Zawinul, and I added a guitarist, another young Englishman, named John McLaughlin, who had come over here to join Tony Williams's new group, Lifetime (it had Larry Young on organ). Dave Holland had introduced Tony and me to John when we were over in England where we first heard him. Then Dave loaned Tony a tape of John playing, and Tony let me hear it. I heard him play with Tony up at Count Basie's and he was a motherfucker, so I asked him to make the date. He told me he had been listening to me for a long time and that he might be nervous going into the studio with one of his idols. So I told him, "Just relax and play like you did up at Count Basie's and everything will be all right." And he did.

This was the In a Silent Way recording session.

Page 319

...Right after Jimi's (Hendrix) funeral, Chick Corea and Dave Holland left the band, and I brought in Michael Henderson on bass...

But before he came on permanently, Miroslav Vitous made a couple of gigs as Dave's replacement. And then Gary Bartz replaced Steve Grossman and I found myself with a whole new band.
I was getting away from using a lot of solos in my group sound, moving more toward an ensemble thing, like the funk and rock bands. I wanted to have John McLaughlin on guitar, but he liked what he was doing in Tony Williams's Lifetime band. I did get him to play with us at the Cellar Door in Washington, D.C., on a gig we did there later in the year. The tapes we did on this gig were mixed into the Live-Evil album. By now I was using the wah-wah on my trumpet all the time so I could get closer to that voice Jimi had when he used a wah-wah on his guitar. I had always played trumpet like a guitar and the wah-wah just made the sound closer. By this time there were a lot of fusion groups popping up all over the place: Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul's Weather Report; Chick Corea's Return to Forever; Herbie Hancock's group, called Mwandishi; and then a little later, John McLaughlin formed his band, the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Everyone was chanting now, into peace and love...