McLaughlin, DiMeola, De Lucia
Passion, Grace & Fire

1. Aspan - (4:06) (J.McLaughlin)
2. Orient Blue Suite (Part I, II, III) - (7:04) (A.Di Meola)
3. Chiquito - (4:41) (P.De Lucia)
4. Sichia - (3:47) (P.De Lucia)
5. David - (6:29) (J.McLaughlin)
6. Passion, Grace & Fire - (5:25) (A.Di Meola)

John McLaughlin - Yamaha classical flamenco-type guitar - gut strung
Al Di Meola - Ovation 6-string acoustic guitar - steel strung
Paco De Lucia - Spanish flamenco guitar, built in Spain - gut strung
John plays on centre channel while Al plays on left and Paco plays on right.

Recorded at Marcus Music in London, and New York, September/October 1982. Additional recording at Eras Studios, NY in November/December 1982

and at Wizard Recording Studio, Briarcliff Manor, USA.
Produced by John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola & Paco De Lucia.

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Rating : Best-of-Artist (First Pick)
Charts : Billboard #171, entered Aug 20, 1983, on charts 005 weeks

W/ John McLaughlin (g), Paco De Lucia (g). Spectacular triple guitar threat -- fireworks!
~Michael G. Nastos

Updated version of trailblazing solos McLaughlin made during the height of his jazz-rock
(not fusion) era. ~Ron Wynn

(Review) Album review by Walter Kolosky

CBS FC 38645 (US)
Mercury MERL24 (GB)
Philips 811334-1
CBS-Sony 25AP2651
CBS CK 38645 (US)
Sony 38DP-78 (Japan)
Polygram/Philips 811334-2 (GB & WG)