Miles Davis
A Tribute to Jack Johnson

1. Right Off - (26:54)
2. Yesternow - (25:36)

Total time: 52:26

Miles Davis - trumpet; John McLaughlin - electric guitar; Steve Grossman - soprano sax; Herbie Hancock - electric keyboards; Michael Henderson - electric bass; Billy Cobham - drums. On track 2 add: Bennie Maupin - bass clarinet (part 3); Sonny Sharrock - electric guitar; Peter Brock - vocals.

Recorded Feb. to Apr. 1970 in NYC.
Produced by Teo Macero.

1970 LP CBS KC 30455 (US) CBS 70089 (GB) CBS 70216 CBS-Sony SOPC 57110
CBS-Sony SOPN 99 CBS-Sony 20AP1405
CD Sony 471003-2 Sony 32DP-709 (Japan)

 Miles Davis(tp)Bennie Maupin(bcl)John McLaughlin,Sonny
  Sharrock(el-g)Dave Holland(el-b)Jack DeJohnette(d)
  -New York City, February 18, 1970-
  Yesternow (part 3)                              Columbia KC 30455
  Miles Davis(tp)Steve Grossman(sop)Herbie Hancock(org)John
  McLaughlin(el-g)Michael Henderson(el-b)Billy Cobham(d)
  -New York City, April 7, 1970-
  (a) Right off (part 1)                          Columbia KC 30455
  (b) Right off (part 3)                                   -
      Right off (part 4) (MD out)                          -
      Yesternow (part 1)                                   -
  (c) CO.108409 Right off (part 1)                Columbia 4-45350
  (d) CO.108410 Right off (part 2)                         -
  -Notes: (c) and (d) are excerpts of the LP versions (a) and
          (b), respectively.
          On the LP the two titles 'Right off' and 'Yesternow'
          are completed by tracks with Miles Davis playing to
          pre-recorded material, e.g., from the "IN A SILENT WAY"

Miles Davis' odd soundtrack for a documentary on the boxer Jack Johnson did not really fit the movie (it was far too modern) but stands alone very well as a strong piece of music. On this straight reissue of the original Lp, the two lengthy jams (25 minute plus versions of "Right Off" and "Yesternow") feature fine playing by a sextet comprised of Davis' trumpet, Steve Grossman's soprano sax, keyboardist Herbie Hancock, guitarist John McLaughlin, electric bassist Michael Henderson and drummer Billy Cobham. Even listeners who write off Miles' fusion years will find moments of interest on this set. ~ Scott Yanow, All-Music Guide

       Herbie Hancock       Keyboards
       Teo Macero           Producer
       John McLaughlin      Guitar
       Steve Grossman       Sax (Soprano)
       Michael Henderson    Guitar (Bass)
       Billy Cobham         Drums

  CD SONY 7464 47036 4

                                MILES DAVIS

                           TRIBUTE TO JACK JOHNSON  
                       (CBS/Sony CSCS 5153; TT = 52:54)

(a) Right Off (M. Davis)                                     4.7.70    27:06
      Part 1 
      Unknown ballad 
      Part 2 
      Part 3
(b) Yesternow (M. Davis)                                               25:46
      1 Yesternow                                            4.7.70
      2 Unknown ballad (same trumpet solo as on (a))         4.7.70
      3 Shhh/Peaceful                                       2.18.69 
      4 Willie Nelson                                       2.18.70
      5 Unknown (same trumpet solo as on (a) and (b2))      2.??.70

On (a) and (b1-2):                     On (b3):
  Miles Davis  trumpet                   Miles Davis  trumpet
  Steve Grossman  soprano saxophone      Wayne Shorter  soprano saxophone
  John McLaughlin  guitar                Josef Zawinul  organ, electric piano
  Herbie Hancock  electric piano, organ  Herbie Hancock  electric piano
  Michael Henderson  Fender bass         Chick Corea  electric piano
  Billy Cobham  drums                    John McLaughlin  guitar
                                         Dave Holland  bass
On (b4):                                 Tony Williams  drums
  Miles Davis  trumpet
  Bennie Maupin  bass clarinet        On (b5):
  Chick Corea  electric piano            Miles Davis  trumpet
  John McLaughlin  guitar                unknown big band (cond. Teo Macero)
  Sonny Sharrock  guitar, echoplex       Brock Peters  narration
  Dave Holland  bass
  Jack DeJohnette  drums

Originally issued on Columbia KC 30445 [LP]; CBS/Sony SOPC 57110 
  [= 20AP 1405] [LP]; 32DP 709 [CD]; Columbia CK 47036 [CD]