John McLaughlin After The Rain  

After The Rain is the most beautiful album John McLaughlin has ever recorded.

This isn't to say it is the best or the most influential. It is only the most beautiful. It attains this status not just because of its melodic textures, driving rhythms or overall musicality. The beauty inherent in any recording can in some part be attributed to its spirituality. (And I am not going into a Sri Chinmoy mode here). The spirit which is alive in this album is located in this album's motivation. And that spirit and that motivation is that of John Coltrane. The beauty of this album eminates from McLaughlin's heartfelt purpose to honor the great saxophonist who has undoubtedly been a very important personal influence.

After The Rain features several tunes associated with Coltrane and showcases McLaughlin's interpretations in the context of a guitar-drums, Hammond B-3 organ trio context. Former Coltrane sideman Elvin Jones' drumming evokes memories and emotions which can only be described as reassuring. Jones accents, bangs, thuds, grunts in a powerful yet gentle way. The homage to Coltrane is evident in his brilliant playing. And does he mesh with McLaughlin? Yes.

The interplay is outstanding. Joey DeFrancesco, who I believe like most B-3 players, has a tendency to meander somewhat during solos - meanders not a wit. His playing is purposeful and understated when it should be and free as the whole outdoors when he needs to open it up.

McLaughlin's playing is more straight-ahead than it has ever been. At the same time, you know it is still JOHN MCLAUGHLIN. He attains a light swing, a somber tone, a lilting flow...words are lacking.

Every single tune is a highlight, but pay special attention to "My Favorite Things" because this is soon to be what this album will be to you.

Walter Kolosky

Walter Kolosky is a jazz fan and founder of who lives in Braintree, MA, USA


1. Take the Coltrane - (6:01) (D.Ellington)
2. My Favorite Things - (6:16) (R.Rogers/L.Hart)
3. Sing Me Softly of the Blues - (6:31) (C.Bley)
4. Encuentros - (7:32) (J.McLaughlin)
5. Naima - (4:43) (J.Coltrane)
6. Tones for Elvin Jones - (6:34) (J.McLaughlin)
7. Crescent - (7:41) (J.Coltrane)
8. Afro Blue - (6:54) (M.Santamaria)
9. After the Rain - (4:54) (J.Coltrane)

John McLaughlin - guitar
Joey DeFrancesco - Hammond B-3 organ
Elvin Jones - drums

Recorded at Clinton Studios,

New York City, October 4 & 5, 1994.
Recording engineer: Ed Rak
Mixing & mastering engineer: Max Costa
Produced by John McLaughlin

Short RealAudio sampleEncuentros
Short RealAudio sampleAfro Blue

  Verve 527 467 (p) 1995