Mahavishnu John McLaughlin
My Goals Beyond

1. Peace One - (7:12) (J.McLaughlin)
2. Peace Two - (12:10) (J.McLaughlin)
3. Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat - (3:15) (C.Mingus)
4. Something Spiritual - (3:28) (D.Herman)
5. Hearts and Flowers - (2:01) (P.D. Bob Cornford)
6. Phillip Lane - (2:35) (J.McLaughlin)
7. Waltz for Bill Evans - (2:01) (C.Corea)
8. Follow Your Heart - (3:15) (J.McLaughlin)
9. Song for My Mother - (2:31) (J.McLaughlin)
10. Blue in Green - (2:37) (M.Davis)

John McLaughlin - acoustic guitar
Jerry Goodman - violin
Dave Liebman - tenor & soprano sax, flute
Charlie Haden - bass
Billy Cobham - drums
Airto Moreira - percussion
Badal Roy - tablas
Eve McLaughlin (alias Mahalakshmi) - tambura

Recorded in New York City, March 1971.
Produced by John McLaughlin.

Note by Jim Sheppard: On the CD and some LP reissues, "Peace One" & "Two" are the last tracks. On some re-issues 'Waltz for Bill Evans' is titled 'Song of the wind'.

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Rating : Best-of-Genre (First Pick)
Charts : Billboard #194, entered Jul 1 , 1972, on charts 004 weeks Down Beat #3.5

MY GOAL'S BEYOND ranked among John McLaughlin's finest acoustic guitar projects; it mixed stunning remakes of jazz classics with piercing originals that blended rock energy, jazz technique and Asian rhythmic patterns. Billy Cobham and Jerry Goodman were later part of the original Mahavishnu Orchestra, and here they demonstrated the empathy they shared with McLaughlin. Dave Liebman's swirling soprano punctuates McLaughlin's brillant lines on "Peace One" and "Peace Two," while Airto, Badal Roy and Mahalakshmi found a comfortable meeting place for their Afro-Latin and Indian colorations and beats. ~Ron Wynn, All-Music Guide

A reissue of an original Douglas/CBS album. A landmark recording. One side is solo guitar, the other is the first Mahavishnu Orchestra. A must-buy. ~Michael G. Nastos

(Review) Album review by Walter Kolosky.

Douglas 9
Columbia Z 30766
Rykodisc RLP 10051
CBS DGL 69014
Electra Musician MUS 53261
CBS-Sony EPIA 53024
CBS-Sony ECPL 101
Douglas DGL 69014 (GB)
Douglas ADLP 6003 (US)
CBS 30766 (US)
Elektra Musician El-60031
Ryko RCD 10051 (US)
Elektra Musician MUSK 52364