The John McLaughlin Internet Fan Club

      Well, at the initial stage of these pages, we hadn't mailing-list. What we had was a fan-list, kind of newsletter type of mail-exchange. I used to send out news and messages concerning John to fans listed on this page. Fortunately, it didn't take as much time to create the mailing-list as it would have taken. Great thanks to Andrus Kangro at Microlink Ltd. for helping us out.

      So, now this page is simply for you to let the world know that you're a true McLaughlin fan. To make the mailing-list subscription easier, I decided to add the addresses of true fans to the list myself, so you hadn't worry about all the subscription thing. What we want? We want the official John McLaughlin Homepage - with all the touring information, album news and so on.

      Just let me know if you like to see your name with your email-address added here.

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