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WHOIS Gateways

The following gateways vary, but generally, simply entering a domain name on the query form will yield a record for that name. Entering company names, individual names, e-mail addresses and other queries may also yield information. WHOIS provides a good way to investigate prospective names to determine which are already registered, and to find what companies or persons are associated with a domain name.

Web-based WHOIS Gateways

Various gateways at North American commercial and academic sites:

Internic Web Interface to Whois
Internic (Alternative) Web Interface to Whois
SparkNET Whois Gateway
Martinet WHOIS Gateway
Sentex WHOIS Gateway
Heller Information Services WHOIS Gateway
Internet Images WHOIS Gateway
Intenet Texoma WHOIS Gateway
IU WHOIS Gateway
US Airforce WHOIS Query Form
Networking Assistance CAIS (multi-purpose gateway)
Hiway Technologies (Check Domain Name Availability Only)

European and other international WHOIS gateways

Regensburg Whois Gateway (via rchs1)
Darmstadt Tech. Whois Gateway

More Info

WHOIS servers list:

MIT WHOIS servers list

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