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CM0167 Maths for Computer Science
Lecture, Examples Class and Test Timetable
Semester 2 2010
Version 1

Lecture and Tutorial Times


Every Wednesday 9AM T 2.07 and Thursday 10AM C 2.07 Semester 2
Lectures will finish at the first lecture (Weds 9AM) in week 9. There will be no lectures Thurs 10 AM Week 9 and in weeks 10 and 11.

Revision Lectures will be held in Semester 2 Week 12 Wednesday 9 AM T 2.07 and Thursday 10 AM C 2.07, if required (that is if attendance is good)

Examples Class

Examples Classes in Room T 2.09 are held Semester 2 Weeks 3-11.
Examples Classes continue even after lecture have completed until week 11

Class Test

Class tests are held Friday 4.00PM Semester 2 Weeks 4, 8 and 10.
Rooms are N/4.07 and N/2.25 for the AV.

Topics for revision for each test:

Dr. David Marshall Jan 2010