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  1. Devise STRIPS style operators to describe the PICKUP and PUTDOWN operators similar to the STACK and UNSTACK operators given in notes.
  2. Express the STRIPS style operators STACK, UNSTACK, PICKUP and PUTDOWN in a more computation compatible form using clear definitions P (Precondition), D (Delete) and A (Add) and the predicates given in the notes. E.g the form should be:

     STACK(x, y) P: describe using predicates



  3. Work through the Sussman anomaly example step by step (using Goal Stack Planning) to produce the goal stack given for getting block A on block B which was produced by putting block C on the table.
  4. Work through the Sussman anomaly example further (using Goal Stack Planning) to derive the sequence of operators given at each stage in the lectures.
  5. Consider the following:

    Fig. 26

    1. Describe the start and goal states.
    2. Solve the problem using Goal Stack Planning.