Oliver Copleston

I am a undergrad student from Plymouth, Devon currently studying Computer Science at Cardiff University. This is my portfolio: a collection of my work, skills and some information about me.

About Me

From a young age, I've had a keen interest in technology. Growing up in a home with a father who spent a good number of years as a developer indeed aided in this. The more I played around with electronics and computers the more interested in them I became.

During secondary school I began experimenting with electronic components, Raspberry Pis and Microcontrollers; even creating musical floppy drives. I enjoy creating something which interacts with the world, and the problems encountered along the way provide an invaluable learning experience.

I have experience in assisting in teaching younger students computer skills by running a robotics and Raspberry Pi club and have had paid work within the school as a mentor for ICT GCSE students.

During my time at secondary school, I also developed business skills which resulted in me colaborating with friends to run a Coffee Shop within the Business Studies department. This gave me experience in customer interaction, wholesaler interaction and business accountancy.

Current Studies

I am currently in my first year of study of Computer Science at Cardiff University.
The topics we have covered so far include:

  • Computational Thinking:
    • Fundamental computing knowledge and programming skills.
  • Problem Solving with Python:
    • Programming in Python and Mathematical problem solving.
  • Web Applications:
    • Developing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and databas skills and understanding web technologies.
  • Professional Skills:
    • Learning how to use industry tools and gaining personal and professional skills.

Past Experience

  • Visual Basic: client distance calculation for Mark Holt & Co. (2013)
  • Volunteer work with riding for the disabled. (2013)
  • Database developer and co-ordinator for Balance for Business. (2014)
  • Runner up in semi-finals of Young Rewired State code festival. (2014)
  • Management and service experience within a student-run coffee shop. (2012-2014)
  • Retail operative within Primark. (2014-2016)



Two years experience with Python. I have developed a range applications for problems and tasks set including a text-based RPG game, race simulations and graphical outputs for numerical data. I have also produced back end Python scripts for websites.


I have experience with HTML/CSS and XML. When developing web applications, I am keen to ensure that it is available to all my audience by ensuring cross-browser compatability.


I have experience in writing reports in the typesetting language LaTeX. Using these skills I am able to produce very high quality and professional looking documents with appropriate referencing included.


I have a good understanding of basic electronic principles and enjoy experimenting with microcontrollers and similar devices.


I take pride in making my work look professional and presentable. I have self taught my self many design skills and am well versed in using Photoshop and have expience in creating vector graphics.


Experience using git and github to collaborate with others on projects. This allowed for all of us to be working effciently and effectively on one document.


Working in groups for projects and having experienced retail and small business environments, my communication skills are effective and contribute greatly to my good work ethic.


I attended Plymstock School Sixth Form and studied Maths, Physics and ICT.


I'm a DJ for hire! Contact me at the bottom of the page if interested. I also have a radio show, follow us on facebook!


Contact Me

Email: o.copleston@gmail.com