Internet Relay Chat

What is IRC?

Internet Relay Chat

Oikarinen Jarkko

IRC is a text-based teleconferencing protocol developed by Oikarinen Jarkko, which allows for real-time communication between multiple users.
It uses a network of Servers using the TCP/IP network protocol to deliver text-based messages from client to client. These users are not necassarily connected to the same server. On IRC, serveral people can be involved in a simultaneous discussion by all being connected to a particular IRC channel.

Using IRC involves setting up a client application on a computer and then configuring it to enable it to connenct to servers and channels. It is also useful to learn a few commands in order to properly interact with the server and client

During its inception in the early 1990s, IRC's popularity surged - due to it's accessibility and premise of globally connecting people in a way which had not previously been achieved.

Today IRC usage is in great decline due to new methods of online communication, such as online social networks, which generally provide more functionality are more accessable to larger range of users.